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New Rap Battle

1 month ago by YoinK

Peep this!


Who do you think won the battle?


Hey yo! Check it! J-Kellz first Rap battle on battle world wide

Ryan Dunn

7/7/12 by YoinK

Holler at your boy and get at em! plus kill bill beat

the zombies are coming! better give your ears and eyes an orgasm. watch and listen!

New Game Preview

12/1/11 by YoinK

i've been working on a new game. I'm hoping this will be one of my very best games yet. The programming aspect is rather challenging.. but i'm getting better at it. :D

New Game Preview

New Music Video

11/19/11 by YoinK

Music Video by rapper Big Stat and produced by Jordan Meyer. check it out!
The song tells a story that most people can probably relate to.

I lost power for a whole week... just got it back. Been thinking about creating a new flash game... i have an idea and hopefully i can crank it out rather quickly. Anyway.. here's a picture of my first ever sticker from Newgrounds! :D
I'm really going to miss newgrounds when i move away soon.... it's too bad that the U.S. doesn't want to hire the healthy young and bright.

Thank You Mr. Fulp!

New game! Beat up Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore Game

Rap Freestyles in the streets

7/22/11 by YoinK
Updated 7/22/11

cool rap vid. check it. featuring J-Kellz