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Entry #1

The Redesign

2007-07-17 23:53:03 by YoinK

So this morning I woke up at 9am to see if the newgrounds redesign was up. And then I saw Wade's post on myspace stating that it should be up by noon... and then I went in paltalk and Wade said it would be up by 1pm. And then he said 2pm... and then I ate lunch and had to get ready for work. As I was getting ready I finally realized that the redesign happened. The Site was running rather slow the moment of the redesign which was kind of annoying. I noticed my level was 45 which was cool. Liked the look of it. Changed the aura from Evil to Dark. According to Tom's front page post the levels are suppose to go up to 60... not 50. Kind of strange. But whatever. I also noticed that my Voting Power dropped tremendously. My Base Voting Power is much lower than Wade and some other users.... which is very strange to me.


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2007-07-18 00:23:25

I know. I finally said the hell with this wade and just went for a run outside. By the time I got back from running then swimming in my pool, it was up.

YoinK responds:

Yea... I thought the same way too. Maybe it was a bad idea to enter the paltalk and sit there for hours on end waiting for wade with his next update.


2007-07-18 00:36:29

Dark is the way to go, pal. 8)

I noticed the VP's being weird too. Hopefully it's just a kink that'll be worked out shortly.

YoinK responds:

yea the VP's are fixed now. I think altr is now the top VP user now.


2007-07-18 02:38:48

I'm pretty sure there are 60 levels... also, dark aura ptw!

YoinK responds:

yea you're right, there are 60 levels. Just that there are set requirements for each level now. Which means it won't take nearly as long to level up.


2007-07-18 11:01:10

New layout sure is good

YoinK responds:

Yea it's fricken awesome! :)


2007-07-19 09:55:27

My voting power raised somewhy

YoinK responds:

i'm not quite sure... mine went up .01 just recently.


2007-07-19 18:37:27

Is altr's VP higher than NeMeSiSM66's? His was originally the highest.

YoinK responds:

The nemesis account is 13.67 overall VP
The altr account is 13.81 overall VP
MY ACCOUNT is 13.78 overall VP.

It's because the Nemesis account never reached the Elite Guard Supreme Commander rank for blam/protection points.


2007-07-21 04:21:45

Wheres your banner. You will be level 56 when Pimp reaches 60, good luck

YoinK responds:

I'm working on a 007 James Bond movie right now... so I don't have time for that as of right now.. but maybe sometime later when I want a break. Who knows if Pimp will even reach level 60.