Entry #1

The Redesign

2007-07-17 23:53:03 by YoinK

So this morning I woke up at 9am to see if the newgrounds redesign was up. And then I saw Wade's post on myspace stating that it should be up by noon... and then I went in paltalk and Wade said it would be up by 1pm. And then he said 2pm... and then I ate lunch and had to get ready for work. As I was getting ready I finally realized that the redesign happened. The Site was running rather slow the moment of the redesign which was kind of annoying. I noticed my level was 45 which was cool. Liked the look of it. Changed the aura from Evil to Dark. According to Tom's front page post the levels are suppose to go up to 60... not 50. Kind of strange. But whatever. I also noticed that my Voting Power dropped tremendously. My Base Voting Power is much lower than Wade and some other users.... which is very strange to me.