My time with flash

2007-07-24 00:37:34 by YoinK

When I graduate from college... my time with flash from that point will be either quite limited or i'd most likely retire from it again.... because i'll be working on my business career... and i'll most likely not have the free time that I have now... but who knows. I'm just making an assumption. Right now trying to work on some flash before school starts back up again.

Flash is an excellent program. It definitely took many hours to really get decent at it. For those out there that need help with it. What you need to do is keep reading tutorials.. maybe even find some flash presentations on Youtube or some place on the internet. Learn quick and hope you have what it takes and the free time to put together something special.

The future of newgrounds is in the hands of the people. What people create is what makes newgrounds what it is today and what it will be. And I must say that the quality of the content nowadays has increased far more than it ever had before.