Entry #127

zombie apocalypse

2012-06-19 21:39:12 by YoinK

the zombies are coming! better give your ears and eyes an orgasm. watch and listen!


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2012-06-19 21:57:58

Sounds great, but it could use a chorus.


2012-06-19 22:40:15

Yeo this shit is actually legit bruh. Not too shabby by any means. Ya flow is on point, ya lyrics is good. Shiiit, I could even name a few in the the game that you better than, (Waka Flocka, Roscoe Dash, Gucci Maine, Nicki Minaj, ect.) but keep grindin bruh. You got the potential


2012-06-20 00:38:25

Sounds good along with strong lyrics, I'm impressed, my girl doesn't like your style though :p


2012-06-20 01:13:20

man hes nasttty


2012-06-21 03:04:43

Its amazing how he can make his lips not quite match up to what he's saying

YoinK responds:

you try making a fast lyrical rap music video