Entry #136

YoinK met Tom Fulp

2015-11-03 22:18:31 by YoinK

I met the legendary Tom Fulp. He has a brilliant mind. We talked for several hours. I must say that he is right that people still do use desktop and laptop computers because how else will people write papers for school? I truly do hope there will be an implementation of a newgrounds app that would make it more mobile user friendly. We talked about many artists from the site and tried to inspire others that were interested in building games or just creating animations. Newgrounds - the problems of the future.. Today! That was the old slogan. I guess you can call me Oldskool. Byte size movie clips, Pico's School, and Street Life are still classics. We even talked about how those young kids out there have incredible ideas for content. I highly suggest getting your feet wet with creativety because when you get older you have less free-time.114847_144660706081_image.jpg


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2015-11-03 22:50:55

I personally just go on newgrounds website on my phone when I'm not near my computer, It's preety conveniable for checking pm's or interactions. However a notification or a buzz when you recieve a pm would be really productive/nice.

YoinK responds:

Tom did say that they are working on an app. It would help the site a lot.


2015-11-04 02:03:33

I would be very happy to see an App, the notification alert from a pm I also agree with, but I also think it would be nice to get an alert for when someone you follow uploads something. I hope this works out for the best!


2015-11-04 09:38:15

Well, if you're going to be oldschool on the internet, then do it on Newgrounds.


2015-11-05 11:30:36

Yoink is good people.


2015-11-05 21:18:50

Wiked Dude!


2015-11-06 02:34:49

Nice, I'd have to meet him someday before passing!


2015-11-06 04:55:02

You're both so skinny. :P


2015-11-07 01:19:57

Tom just plain rocks. There is no damn doubt about it. Tom Fulp just plain rocks.


2016-02-16 21:33:11

are you still living