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YoinK met Tom Fulp

2015-11-03 22:18:31 by YoinK

I met the legendary Tom Fulp. He has a brilliant mind. We talked for several hours. I must say that he is right that people still do use desktop and laptop computers because how else will people write papers for school? I truly do hope there will be an implementation of a newgrounds app that would make it more mobile user friendly. We talked about many artists from the site and tried to inspire others that were interested in building games or just creating animations. Newgrounds - the problems of the future.. Today! That was the old slogan. I guess you can call me Oldskool. Byte size movie clips, Pico's School, and Street Life are still classics. We even talked about how those young kids out there have incredible ideas for content. I highly suggest getting your feet wet with creativety because when you get older you have less free-time.114847_144660706081_image.jpg

Another HIlarious Rap Battle

2014-10-20 20:54:56 by YoinK

Check it out. Jeffrey aka J-kellz has a new rap battle out.


New Epic Rap Battle

2014-08-01 19:45:46 by YoinK

New Rap Battle featuring J-Kellz.



Results of Surgery

2014-06-12 17:10:53 by YoinK

I'm so happy with the results of my sugery. Take a look.114847_140260742411_before_after_surgerycopy.jpg

Jaw Surgery

2014-06-04 15:56:58 by YoinK

Hey Everyone. I finally got the life changing surgery i've been waiting for.


New Rap Battle

2014-03-24 18:17:21 by YoinK

Peep this!


JeFFrey vs. Tommy Gunn RAP BATTLE

2014-01-16 19:21:48 by YoinK

Who do you think won the battle?


Hey yo! Check it! J-Kellz first Rap battle on battle world wide

Ryan Dunn

2012-07-07 11:16:47 by YoinK

Holler at your boy and get at em! plus kill bill beat

zombie apocalypse

2012-06-19 21:39:12 by YoinK

the zombies are coming! better give your ears and eyes an orgasm. watch and listen!